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Lineup of "Eco-Friendly" LED Lights
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Large-Scale LED Light to Replace Mercury Lamp SUND Series

Main Features of SUND Series


We are really particular about brightness as the basic function of light.
We apply LED of NICHIA CORPORATION to our products on which our original optical system is concentrated to maximize its ability so that they can illuminate widely and brightly.

Full Lineups

Including not only large-scale LED lights for manufacturing site with high ceiling and shipping storage but also task lights of line type / small type and lights for factory aisle and parking area. SUND Series can make it possible to completely change a company's lights.


LED light can protect inner erectoronic circuit from becoming high temperature by heat radiation.
SUND Series can achiebe approximately 50,000 hours of estimated lifespan in the maximum ambient temperature by our outstanding radiation technology.


SUND Series are LED lights of power unit integrated type.
Lighting is possible by installing a device and connecting it with power unit.
Man-hours can be saved, such as installation of a separate power unit and removal of shade in case of using E39 socket of a mercury lamp. (Note 1)


LED lights has been an object regulated by the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Law since July 1, 2012. Observing this law, we supply SUND Series with PSE marking to prove conformity to the technical standard as complete lighting devices including power unit. (Note 1)


(Note 1)
KL-TA/KL-TDEA are excluded because a power unit is separately provided. A power unit and emission part are connected by a connector which doesn’t require a connecting tool. In compliance with the guideline of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, marking is only attached to power unit.

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What is "Sun Electronics Industry Ltd."?

We are an integrated LED light manufacturer, having development / production functions, based on more than 10 years of experience in the mounting of Inverter PCB for liquid crystal TV/amusement equipment.
We supply advanced LED lights by means of total management 'from mounting PCB to assembling into finished product in our factory' and 'from design to production'.