Main Specifications

Common Specifications

Item Specifications
Rated voltage AC100V
Ambient temperature -10 ~ 40°C
Ambient humidity 85%RH Max. (Note 1)

Note 1 : No condensation

Item Specifications
Structure Power unit built-in type
Protective structure Rainproof type
Connection to power source Lead wire

Individual Specifications

Japanese Security Association's rank Equivalent to HF40 Rank S Class B+ 18m Equivalent to HF40 Rank S Class B+ 19m
Input capacitance (VA) 9.4 or less 12.1 or less
Rated power consumption (W) 7.4 9.5
Rated luminous flux (lm) 1,000 1,350
Main body outer
dimensions W/D/H (mm)
Weight (g) 900 typ.

Safety Standard

Conformity with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law