SUND-HL**TA (Indoor type)

Main Specifications

Common Specifications

Item Specifications
Rated voltage AC100 / 200 / 240V (Note 1)
Ambient temperature -10 ~ 40°C
Ambient humidity 85%RH Max. (Note 2)

Note 1 : There are not subject to the Electrical Appliance and Materials Safety Law.

Note 2 : No condensation

Item Specifications
Structure Power unit built-in type
Protective structure Indoor
Connection to power source Terminal

Individual Specifications

Targeted mercury lamp 700W 1kW
Rated power consumption (W) 161 238
Rated luminous flux (lm) 17,500 16,000 26,000 24,100
Main body outer
dimensions W/D/H (mm)
331/626/96 331/767/96
Weight (kg) 9.0 typ. 13.7 typ.

Note 3: HL84TAR / HL126TAR belongs to the specifications of cross type light distribution.

Safety Standard

Conformity with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law