LED Light Mounting Services of SUN Electronics Industry Ltd.

As for the assembly lines, please refer to the chart of "Mount Devices". >Mount Devices

  • here are 2 lines of 5 consecutive surface mount line, and 1 line of L-size (460x360) surface mount line in our factory.
  • We have a lead-free N2 reflow furnace and an automatic soldering apparatus.
  • We have an in-circuit test device and a PCB visual inspection equipment.

Thorough Management of Purchasing, Stock, Production and Shipment

Our quality control operation covers purchasing, stock, production and shipment.
For the stock management, we developed a unique control system and an original system to prevent assembly mistakes. The total management from warehouse to production line is realized and the production system free from loss and mistake is maintained.

Thorough inspection, burn-in and operation test in each process are carried out in order to maintain high quality production.

  • Accurate mounting by using the laser measuring instrument
  • High precision inspection of a complicated circuit by using the in-circuit tester
  • Precise visual inspection
  • Burn-in and operation test
  • Practical use of the PCB visual inspection equipment

Control system and software of each equipment have been originally developed by our group company "SUN SYSTEM ENGINEERING". Therefore, we can cope suitably and quickly with our customers' widely ranged needs.

  • Inside our factory

  • PCB Visual Inspection Equipment

  • High-Speed Mounter (JUKI)

  • N2 Reflow Furnace (7-zone control)

  • Nitrogen Generating Apparatus

  • Assembling Process

  • Inspection Process

  • Warehouse

  • Lead-Free Automatic Soldering Apparatus

  • Bar code check system