Company Profile

Sun Electronics Industry Ltd. was founded in August, 1980, headquartered in Aizumi-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima Prefecture, and has expanded mainly the assembly business of consumer electronic device and PCB. We have achieved both good quality and cost reduction by developing our own management system, installing the PCB visual inspection equipment and so on. In 2008, we launched new business of LED light.

Company Profile

Company name: Sun Electronics Industry Ltd.
Address: 53-4, Hohmi, Tomiyoshi, Aizumi-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima 771-1232 Japan
Land: 3,506m2
Total floor space: 1,711m2
Founded: August, 1980
Capital: 10 Million Japanese Yen
Employee: 40
Representative: President and CEO Hiroshi Okada
Business Description: Production and sales of LED lighting fixtures,Consumer use electrical, electronics equipment and printed circuit board ASSY of electric devices
Banks: Awa Bank Aizumi Nishi Branch
Tokushima Bank Aizumi Branch

3km from Itano Interchange of Takamatsu Expressway:

After getting down from Itano Interchange, proceed straight and enter No. 1 Prefectural Road toward the south. Cross Itano Bridge and turn left at the first intersection. Again turn left on the third corner and proceed 100m. Turn to the right. Our company stands 100m ahead.

3km from Aizumi Interchange of Tokushima Expressway

After getting down from Aizumi Interchange, turn right at the intersection and enter No. 1 Prefectural Road. At the intersection right after passing JTEKT, turn left and proceed about 3km straight. Turn right along the road. Our company stands 100m ahead.


Aug., 1980: Founded and started to assemble PCB for Video Deck and Video Movie
Feb., 1990: Started to assemble Inverter Boards for Light Source
Apr., 1990: Built Yoshino Plant for production increase
Apr., 1994: Started to assemble DVD and CD-ROM Main Body
May, 1997: Moved and expanded Office and Company Cafeteria
Dec., 1999: Merged Sun Electronics and Suntech
Mar., 2001: Increased SMT line (M size 330x250)
Introduced Nitrogen Gas Generator,
Started lead-free Surface Mounting
Started to assemble LC backlight and Inverter PCB
Nov., 2002: Management Reform Plan was approved based on Paragraph 1 of Article 4 of Management Reform Support Law for Medium and Small Enterprises
Sep., 2003: Expanded factory based on the plan to increase the production of LC Inverter PCB
Oct., 2003: Increased SMT line (M size 330x250) to have 2 lines
Apr., 2005: Added High Speed Mounter to 2 lines and made 5 consecutive mounting
(M size 330x250)
May, 2006: Added 1 more line to have 3 SMT lines (L size 460x360)
May, 2008: Started to develop LED Lighting Devices
Started to produce 4 kinds of LED Lights for streetlights
Feb., 2011: Increased a visual inspection equipment handling up to L size